Westport Washington

Waking up in Westport Washington, it’s hard to know what to expect. Traveling into the evening, I had long-lost the light. Twisting along the bay road and up the peninsula, I just wasn’t sure what I would find. At the very end of the peninsula, I had targeted a motel for the night that would kick off my morning exploring. I stayed at the Westport Inn at the very end of the port. The town was pretty shut down as it was the off-season, but fun to explore. There used to be a much larger fishing fleet; I think from 300 boats to around 30. You can tell that it has impacted the entire area. There was a nice strip of restaurants and shops  along the harbor. During the summer, I think it would be pretty bustling. There were definitely a few interesting places to check out. At the tip of the peninsula, you will find the harbor and boats. There is also an old Coast Guard Station and a lookout tower.


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Nearby is Westhaven State Park. It was pretty early and the surfers were already out. Google maps show that the road continues into the park and connects to the lighthouse, but it does not. I wanted to see the lighthouse, so I headed back into town. Heading south on Monteseao street, you will take a right onto Ocean Avenue West. About 10 blocks down, the light house will be on your right. The gate to the lighthouse was closed, so I snapped some pictures from the grassy area in front of it. It’s quite beautiful and I’m surprised it isn’t signed or highlighted as an area attraction.


Heading south on Forrest Street, you will see roads off to your right with beach access and you’ll see numerous cranberry bogs along the route. The beach reminds me of Long Beach. You can drive down on them in spots, though the sand seemed a bit softer. You should always use caution any time you drive on the beach. It’s pretty easy to get stuck.

Westport Inn

The Westport Inn was adequate. It’s clean and the owner is very friendly. I stayed in the bottom floor basic room and it was pretty old, but you could tell they had updated them. I think the beds need to be updated, but it worked for a quick overnight visit. They have other really nice rooms, but were pretty full that night. I think I would try the cabins next time. There is a fun observation deck.

Overall, I think this would be a better place to visit during the summer. The town was pretty shut down. You can tell that hard economic times have come to this area; as it has to many northwest coastal communities.


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