Secrets of Long Beach Washington

There are places on this earth that hum with energy of the past.  Oysterville Washington draws me to her, even though she is not along a route to anywhere. Located at the north end of the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington, a lost traveler would stumble across it of they pay close attention to the split in the road. Oysterville is on the Willapa bay side of the Long Beach Peninsula. There is a lot of history to Oysterville and as you drive into the remnants of this little town, you can feel the community of time long past. At any minute, you expect Anne Shirley to come strolling down the lane. The street is lined with homes built around 1880. There is an old schoolhouse as well as a beautiful country church. As you drive out to the bay, you will see Oysterville Sea Farms – still in operation.  There is a lot to explore here and it’s worth taking an afternoon to stroll through the town, visit the church and reflect on this bygone era. Here is a great link to a walking tour offering the history of the remaining homes and buildings in Oysterville.

Walking Tour

There are a few great books outlining the history of Oysterville that make informative road-trip reads.

Oysterville by Sydney Steven

Oysterville by Willard R. Espy

Willabay Oysterville Sea Farms



The Secrets of the Gates

Traveling north of Oysterville towards Leadbetter Point State Park, oddly there are two metal gates. One of the gates is reminiscent of Victorian times. It looks like it’s a gate to an old romantic estate on the bay side. But oddly enough, there is a more modern metal gate guarded by Chinese Lions on the opposite side a little ways down the road from the Victorian gate. Perplexed, I snapped a few pictures (and not great pictures, but the light was fading fast), made a mental note and headed down the road. Finally home from my weekend adventuring, it was time to do some sluicing. Thanks to the help of Google maps, and Zillow, I finally had enough clues to break the mystery. There is a very impressive Lighthouse Estate at the end of the lion guarded road at the ocean side of the peninsula. The house belongs to business entrepreneur Craig Tillotson of Nu Skin. Interestingly enough, there is quite a bit of information about the 600 acre estate, known as Leadbetter Farms, including a primitive youtube video.

Leadbetter Farms Youtube Video

Leadbetter Farms

Leadbetter Point State Park


2 thoughts on “Secrets of Long Beach Washington

  1. We just came back from a visit to Long Beach and drove to the end of Route 103… the gates had interested me as well and I took lots of pics… and you capture the exact feeling I had of Oysterville in your words… I walked that main street breathing in the history and chatted with a local who gave me insight into the gated property. Thank you

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it as much as I did! Thank you for your comments 🙂 This is the reason I keep my site going! If you would like to share some pictures, I would be happy to post them!

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