Snoqualmie Falls Washington

Needing a break from I90, I decided to take a quick detour to see Snoqualmie Falls. A short little loop, I was unexpectedly surprised. The falls are majestically rugged in the middle of the urban sprawl. It was kind of surreal. I left I90 at the Snoqualmie Parkway exit which takes you through new development. Turning left onto 202, the falls are only a little ways down the road. Salish Lodge sits impressively overlooking the falls; offering fine dining. On this particular trip, I was just looking for a quick place to stretch my legs. The falls parking lot area was really full and people where everywhere – granted it was a Saturday evening. Needless to say, the view of the falls was amazing. A 268 feet waterfall cascading over granite is a pretty impressive site. Below I have attached websites with more information about both hiking near the falls and Salish Lodge. This area is steeped in Native American history. On my way back to I90, I went through the little towns of Snoqualmie and North Bend. Both were incredibly charming and with the backdrop of Mt. Si~ stunning in the late afternoon light. This area has a lot to offer – there’s a large off leash dog park, historic towns, hiking, elk viewing etc. It was definitely up there on my list for scenery – even though the city is vastly creeping forward.



Snoqualmie Falls

Salish Lodge

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