Takhlakh Lake near Mt. Adams – Washington

According to Wikipedia, “The name Takhlakh comes from a Native American word “takh”, which means meadows. Takh Takh Meadows was also named after this word, since flowers are particularly abundant in and around the Takh Takh Lava Flow area.”

Talk about a majestic lake with amazing photographic appeal. It’s pretty easy to get a great shot of Mt. Adams reflecting in its calm waters. The lake is beautiful and I was pretty impressed by the campsites in the campground – may right on the lake. I was up there on a Sunday and it wasn’t very busy – though many people were probably headed out after the weekend. I was only able to stay for a short time, but look forward to returning when I have time to enjoy some of the local area hiking. The lake and campground reminded me a lot of Gold Lake in the Oregon Cascades, but with an even better mountain view. It’s definitely up there in my book.

There are a few different ways into the lake whether you are coming from Randle, Packwood or Trout Lake. I do have to say a little bit about Trout Lake. What a beautiful location! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it had a similar feel to Sunriver – outdoor beauty. That is a route that I definitely recommend. The mountain views from all directions are pretty impressive.



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