The Colombia Travel Guide

carolstanis / Pixabay

Cartagena, Colombia (colonial architecture)

  • Old town
Cartagena, Colombia viajeminuto / Pixabay
Cartagena, Colombia – GRAPHICALBRAIN / Pixabay
Cartagena, Colombia ECproduction / Pixabay


Medellin, Colombia

  • Spain Library, Medellin, Colombia
Medellin, Colombia – Willypomares / Pixabay
Medellin, Colombia – Julianza / Pixabay


Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia

Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia – WaSZI / Pixabay


Bogota, Andes, Colombia

  • Gold Museum, Bogota, Andes, Colombia
  • Old La Candelaria district, Bogota, Andes, Colombia (expat, hipster hangout)
  • Mount Monserrate, Bogota, Andes, Colombia
Bogota, Columbia – gustavo9917 / Pixabay
Bogota, Columbia –
andresmmartinez / Pixabay


Simon Bolivar Highway (Caracas, Venezuela to Bogota, Colombia)


Santa Maria, Colombia

  • Calle 11 Hostel, Santa Maria, Colombia – formerly was a mafia owned villa, now an incredible hostel.


Tayrona National Park, Colombia (foothills of the Sierra Nevada to the Caribbean coast. Known for palm sheltered coves, lagoons, rich rainforest biodiversity.

  • Puebilto ruins, Tayrona National Park, Colombia
Tayrona National Park, Colombia – miguelmontesc / Pixabay
Tayrona National Park, Colombia Nanny / Pixabay


Ciudad Perdida (Lost City of Teyuna) Trek, Colombia (One of the continent’s most mysterious cities, second only to Machu Picchu. 4-5 day trek, 27 miles RT from small village of El Mamey. 13.5 miles in, 13.5 out)


El Cocuy National Park, Colombia (great trekking)


River of Five Colors (aka Cano Cristales), Colombia


La Guajira, Colombia (remote desert peninsula home to pink flamingos, mangrove swamps and sand-dune beaches)


Barichara, Colombia (picturesque colonial village)

Barichara, Colombia – TRAPHITHO / Pixabay


Ensenda de Utria, Colombia (whale watching)


San Gil, Colombia (Adventure sports hotspot. Cheap rafting, hiking, biking and more extreme options)

San Gil, Colombia – oscarmunoz / Pixabay


Villa de Leyva, Colombia (pretty colonial town with large central plaza – one of the largest in the world)


Salento, Colombia (Andean colonial town, high quality coffee plantations, pig racing!)

Salento, Colombia – marcelot87 / Pixabay


Cocora Valley Trek, Salento, Colombia (5 hours, but one of the bet hikes in South America)

Cocora Valley, Colombia Makalu / Pixabay


Filandia, Colombia (Andean colonial town famous for its extremely high quality coffee)

Filandia, Colombia – TRAPHITHO / Pixabay


Piljao, Colombia (Andean colonial town famous for its extremely high quality coffee)


Cali, Colombia (excellent night life, salsa, rough around the edges)

Cali, Colombia amarillomar43210 / Pixabay


Popayan, Colombia (whitewashed colonial town. Popular Holy week processions)

Popayan, Colombia – Makalu / Pixabay


Barranquilla, Colombia (2013 American Capital of Culture)


Ancient Statues of San Agustin, Colombia


Zipaquira, Colombia

  • Salt Cathedral, Zipaquira, Colombia


Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

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