The Hungary Travel Guide

Anerma / Pixabay

Budapest, Hungary

  • Pub ruins, Budapest
  • Thermal baths, Budapest
  • Memento Park, Budapest
  • Petofi Csarnok, Budapest (huge weekend flea market)
  • Obudai Island, Budapest
  • Sziget Festival, Budapest
  • Castle Hill, Budapest
    • Buda Castle, Budapest
Budapest, Hungary Bergadder / Pixabay
Budapest, Hungary peter89ba / Pixabay
Budapest, Hungary charlemagne / Pixabay


Szentendre, Danube Bend, Hungary (art colony turned tourist center)

Szentendre, Hungary henryleester / Pixabay


Siofok, Hungary (throbbing summer crowds, biggest, trashiest resort in Hungary)

Siofok, Hungary Fotogabor / Pixabay


Visegrad, Danube Bend, Hungary (13th century citadel and royal palace ruins loom over the town)

Visegrad, Hungary osvathpeter / Pixabay


Esztergom, Danube Bend, Hungary (massive basilica, royal seat from 10th-13th centuries and seat of Roman Catholicism in Hungary for more than a thousands years)

Esztergom, Hungary artbejo / Pixabay
Esztergom, Hungary Walkerssk / Pixabay


Lake Balaton, Hungary (central Europe’s biggest lake, Mediterranean sea-like)

Lake Balaton, Hungary neufal54 / Pixabay
Lake Balaton, Hungary wgbieber / Pixabay


Keszthely, Lake Balaton, Hungary (lake’s main town)

Keszthely, Hungary tomeewap / Pixabay


Badacsony, Hungary (Wine region)

Badacsony, Hungary poszarobert / Pixabay
Badacsony, Hungary SP2Zsolt / Pixabay


Tilhany, Hungry

Tihany, Hungary Ymon / Pixabay


Balatonfured, Lake Balaton, Hungary (most fashionable resort on lake, glory days in 19th century, spa town)

Balatonfured, Hungary charlemagne / Pixabay


Heviz, Hungary (Spa town, hot springs via a thermal lake)


Hortobagy National Park, Hungary


Eger, Hungary (baroque architecture with wine country)

  • Eger Castle, Eger, Hungary
  • Valley of the Beautiful Women, Eger, Hungary (more than 2 dozen wine cellars are carved into the rock, wine tasting)
Eger, Hungary AlwaysWanderlust / Pixabay


Pecs, Hungary (Considered Hungary’s #2 city for tourists; 2010 Europe Capital of Culture)

Pecs, Hungary joakant / Pixabay
Pecs, Hungary falco / Pixabay


Szeged, Great Plain, Hungary (Along Tisza River, university town)


Kecskemet, Great Plain, Hungary (wine region)

Kecskemet, Hungary neufal54 / Pixabay


Tokaj, Great Plain, Hungary (Since the 15th century town has been known for its outstanding sweet wines)

Tokaj, Hungary Walkerssk / Pixabay


Sopron, Hungary (medieval old town, most beautiful town in western Hungary)

Sopron, Hungary akos147 / Pixabay


Debrecen, Hungary (Hungary’s second largest city)

Debrecen, Hungary osvathpeter / Pixabay


Gyor, Hungary

Gyor, Hungary Ricsi29 / Pixabay


Vestprem, Hungary


Bukfurdo, Hungary (spa town)


Berekfurdo, Hungary (spa  town)


Holloko, Hungary

Holloko, Hungary gaborfejes / Pixabay


Bereg Region, Hungary


Szombathely, Hungary

Szombathely, Hungary neufal54 / Pixabay


Aggtelek Caves, Hungary (vast underground caves protect record sized stalagmites)

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