The Albania Travel Guide

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Tirana, Albania (museums, cafes)

  • Bunk’Art, Tirana
  • Skanderbeg Square, Tirana (Horse statue of national hero Skanderberg)
  • Et’hem Bey Mosque, Tirana
  • Resurrection of Christ Orthodox Cathedral, Tirana
  • Mount Dajti, Tirana
Tirana, Albania 12019 / Pixabay


Kruja, Tirana (35km from Tirana)

  • Kruja castle


Durres, Albania

Durres, Albania LindaSaitos / Pixabay


Gjirokastra, Albania (mountain town with Ottoman mansions)

  • Historic Center – 13th century Ottoman (UNESO)
  • Gjirokastra Castle/Citadel, Gjirokastra
  • Cold War Tunnel, Gjirokastra


Berat, Albania (Well preserved Ottoman whitewashed town on hillside)

  • Historic Center – 13th century Ottoman (UNESCO)
  • Kalasa Citadel, Albania
Berat, Albania GjataErvin / Pixabay


Lake Koman ferry, Albania


Accursed Mountains (Dinaric Alps), Albania (19th century mountain villages)

  • Valbona, Accursed Mountains, Albania (stunning alpine mountains)
    • Valbona to Theth day hike, Accursed Mountains, Albania
  • Theth National Park, Albania
Valbona, Albania GjataErvin / Pixabay


Skhodra, Albania

  • Rozafa Fortress, Shkodra


Bunec, Albania (quiet beach, Bunec Beach Hotel with rooms on the water, couple cafes and budget campsites too)


Lake Ohrid, Pogradec, Albania

Ohrid, Albania luposto / Pixabay


Lake Skadar, Albania (largest lake on the Balkan peninsula, shared with Montenegro)

Lake Skadar, Albania a371 / Pixabay


Saranda, Albania (unofficial capital of the Albanian Riviera; recent building boom)

  • Pulebardha beach, Saranda: pebbly but very nice beach surrounded by nature. Great swimming.
  • Blue Eye Spring (Syri I Kalter), Saranda: Natural spring, great for swimming
Saranda, Albania USA-Reiseblogger / Pixabay


Ksamil, Albania (3 small islands in a turquoise bay are an easy swim away. Always fewer people here than Saranda. Popular with locals in summer. one of the Med’s unspoiled corners, great beaches. Very close to Butrint)


Butrint ancient city, Albania (deep in forest, next to a lake sits the former Greek, then Roman city. Amphitheater. UNESCO)

Butrint ancient city, Albania PeterEsser / Pixabay


Vlora, Abania (third largest city in Albania.

  • Radhime Beach, Vlora
  • Orikum Beach, Vlora


Himara, Albania

  • Himara Beach: crowded beach in summer
  • Livadhia Beach: long, wide beach, good swimming
  • Potami Beach: Good alternative to main beach when busy
Himara, Albania AliceKeyStudio / Pixabay


Borsh, Albania (7km of unbroken beach, mostly undeveloped for now – a few bars, cafes)


Narta, Albania

  • Zvernec Island, Albania (18th cen monestary in the middle of the forest, island is accessible by a long wooden foot bridge)


Palasa Beach, Albania (white sand, no hotel/resort development. Good camping, a few cafes and a nightclub.


Gijpe Beach, Albania (30 minute hike to hidden beach)

Dhermi, Albania

  • Dhermi Beach: one of the country’s most famous. Long, great for exploring, coves and small bays
  • Drymades Beach: excellent budget hotels on beach. Not crowded, even during the summer. One of the country’s most beautiful beaches
Dhermi, Albania LindaSaitos / Pixabay

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