The Cambodia Travel Guide

sangnguyenphotographer / Pixabay

Planning Your Visit: Weather
Best time to visit: Nov-Feb.
Khmer New Year: mid-April
Hot season: March-Jun
Wet Season: May-Oct


Phnom Pehn, Cambodia (Former pearl of Asia, is back with great cafes, bars, and a world-class food scene)

  • Koh Dach (Silk Island)
  • Silver Pagoda, Phnom Penh


Siem Reap, Cambodia (Gateway to Ankor Wat, favorite of backpackers)

Siem Reap, Cambodia kolibri5 / Pixabay


Temples of Angkor, Cambodia (SEA best temple ruin site.

  • Angkor Wat, Temples of Angkor
  • Angkor Thom (Great Angkor), Temples of Angkor
  • Ta Keo, Temples of Angkor
  • Preah Khan, Temples of Angkor
  • Ta Prohm, Temples of Angkor (Ultimate Indiana Jones Fantasy)
Angkor Wat, Cambodia baluda / Pixabay
Angkor Wat, Cambodia jameswheeler / Pixabay


Beng Mealea, Near Siem Reap, Cambodia (Indian Jones type temple)

Beng Mealea, Cambodia cattalin / Pixabay


Battambang, Cambodia (elegant riverside town is Cambodia’s best preserved French architecture. A boat trip from Siem Reap)

Battambang, Cambodia rmac8oppo / Pixabay


Kampong Thom, Cambodia (alternative to Angkor Wat)

  • Sambor Prei Kuk, Cambodia (Cambodia’s most impressive pre-Angkorian ruins)


Temple of Preah Vihear, Cambodia (Huge mountain temple)


Hoh Kong City, Cambodia


Koh Kong Island, Cambodia


Sihanoukville, Cambodia

  • Serendipity Beach, Sihanoukville
  • Otres Beach, Sihanoukville (3.5 miles beach walk from Sihanoukville; dozens of bungalow style resorts and restaurants, cleaner water and more relaxed than Sihanoukville)
Sihanoukville, Cambodia kolibri5 / Pixabay


Mekong Delta River Trip, Cambodia


Mekong Discover Bicycle Trail, Cambodia (Stung Treng to Kratie)


Kompong Cham (quiet Mekong River city, was important trading post for French. Nice riverfront bars/cafes)


Kratie, Cambodia (Lively Mekong River French architecture town. Place to see the Irrawaddy river dolphins)

  • Koh Trong (Huge sandbar Island reached by boat from Kratie)


Boeng Yeak Lom, Cambodia (crater lake in jungle)


Sen Monorom, Cambodia (small town set against legendary hills)

  • Seima Protected Forest, Sen Monorom (150 wild elephants, half left in Cambodia)
  • Elephant Valley Project, Sen Monorom


Pakse, Cambodia

Pakse, Cambodia rmac8oppo / Pixabay


Northwestern National Parks, Cambodia


Luang Prabang, Cambodia

Luang Prabang, Cambodia Poswiecie / Pixabay
Luang Prabang, Cambodia MamMam / Pixabay


Nong Khiaw, Cambodia


Viang Xai, Cambodia


Koh Chang archipelago, Cambodia

Koh Chang, Cambodia BANITAtour / Pixabay


Mondulkiri, Cambodia


Kampot, Cambodia (riverside town, with French influences and good bar/food scene; Kampot pepper is world famous for its quality and expensive on international market)


Kep, Cambodia (founded as a seaside retreat for French elite in 1908, Cambodia’s high-roller city in the 1960s. Tourists drawn for amazing sunsets and seafood now)


Bokor Hill Station, Cambodia (cool climate, impressive wildlife and lush old-growth forests.


Southern Islands, Cambodia

Koh Rong Island, Southern Islands Cambodia (Most popular Cambodian island, especially with backpackers. Day trip from Sihanoukville)

  • Southwestern Beach, Koh Rong Island (Probably the best beach in Cambodia and widely considered one of the top 100 or so beaches in the world)
  • Loney Beach, Koh Rong Island
  • Koh Tuch Beach, Koh Rong Island (full-moon parties)


Koh Rong Samloem, Southern Islands Cambodia (Another popular backpacking island, more laid back on slightly less discovered than Koh Rong. Day trip from Sihanoukville)


Koh Ta Kiev Island, Southern Islands Cambodia (Day trip from Sihanoukville, couple resorts. Can even rent tent or hammock for the night)


Koh, Russei, Southern Islands, Cambodia


Koh Thmei Island, Southern Islands, Cambodia (Part of Ream National Park, Resort has 9 wooden bungalows, only resort in island)


Koh Tonsay Island (Rabbit Island), Southern Islands, Cambodia (#30,


Koh Totang, Southern Islands, Cambodia (internet free island has one place to stay: Nomad’s Land w/ 5 solar powered bungalows


Song Saa Island, Southern Islands, Cambodia (Private island, high rates)


Other Southern Islands, Cambodia (20 or so total Islands near Sihanoukville)

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