The Montenegro Travel Guide

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Kotor, Bay of Kotor, Montenegro: UNESCO protected medieval fortified town has seen a significant tourism upswing since the mid-2000s. And for good reason as Kotor sits at the very back of the twisty Bay of Kotor in a spectacular setting. Old Kotor in particular is worthy of exploration, as its streets and back alleys were originally built like a maze for to protect against invading marauders.

Kotor, Montenegro
Kotor, Montenegro – GORBACHEVSERGEYFOTO / Pixabay


Risan, Bay of Kotor, Montenegro:

Bay of Kotor
Bay of Kotor, Montenegro – milivanily / Pixabay


Perast, Bay of Kotor, Montenegro (Venice like)

Bay of Kotor, Montenegro
Persat, Bay of Kotor, Montenegro – falco / Pixabay


Lovcen National Park, Montenegro


Sveti Stefan, Montenegro (fortified city, luxury prices)

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro
Sveti Stefan, Montenegro – roemi62 / Pixabay


Ostrong Monastery, Montenegro


Njegos Mausoleum, Montenegro


Cetinje, Montenegro

  • Museums
Cetinje, Montenegro
Cetinje, Montenegro – falco / Pixabay


Bar, Montenegro

  • Stari Budva, Bar, Montenegro (most visited town in country, nicknamed the Montenegro in Miami, old town is a mini-Drubrovnik, fortified city)
    • Mogren Beach, Budva
Stari Budva, Montenegro
Stari Budva, Montenegro – dm_bor0 / Pixabay


Durmitor National Park, Montenegro 

Durmitor National Park, Montenegro
Durmitor National Park, Montenegro – benasaudio / Pixabay


Tara Canyon, Durmitor National Park, Montenegro (rafting trip)

Tara Canyon, Montenegro
Tara Canyon, Montenegro – 10214794 / Pixabay


Mountain Eyes Lakes, Durmitor National Park, Montenegro (18 lakes)

  • Black Lake, Durmitor National Park
Mountain Eyes Lakes, Montenegro Tania_pl / Pixabay


Mogren, Montenegro (beach town)


Ulcinji, Montenegro (beach town)


Herceg Novi, Montenegro


Lake Skadar, Montenegro (Spills over into Albania)

Lake Skadar Montenegro
Lake Skadar Montenegro – a371 / Pixabay

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